How to Lose Weight in 1 Month – Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast – Best way to lose weight in 2021

If you want to lose your weight then i will tell you few things which is very helpful for you and your weight also lose in 1 month. This diet plan is very simple and easy.

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month
How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

Many peoples have fat and they also want to lose their weight, even he work hard although they can not lose their weight. This problem is happen in all over the world. Basically we take junk foods, fast foods and more foods are big problem. If you final to do this work and lose your weight then read our instruction your weight will be lose in 1 month.

If you follow our diet or fitness plan then your weight will lose 4 to 5 k.g. in a month. No need to do hard work to lose your weight, but follow our strict diet plan to help your lose weight.

How much Weight will be lose in a Month

Lose Weights are depends on your Life Style also because how much you eat, what is your profession, is that any hard work you have, how much time you are sleeping all the things are important to lose your weight. If you do exercise, morning walk, evening walk all are relating to your body.

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The role of Exercise in Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month 2
How to Lose Weight in 1 Month 2

Most of the peoples are not interested in exercise but they want to lose their weight, so they are follow the diet plan, but your should do the exercise in daily basic, because if you follow the diet plan then your weight will be lose, but your body can not make perfect or strong, so exercise is very necessary in this case.

How many days do the Exercise in a Week

For more calleries born you have to do the exercise 40 to 50 minutes in a day. You should go to the Gym for workout. (If you go morning walk or evening walk and if you are doing Yoga then also chance to lose your weight)

Why necessary Cardio Exercise

Its depends how many K.G. weight you want to lose. In the first week you can do 10 to 15 minutes cardio exercise. Then next week you can do more 30 to 45 minutes.

The role of Diet Plan in lose weight

If you want to make your body in original and good safe then you must change the diet plan. The exercise will help 20% and the diet plan will help 80% for lose weight.

How much eat Sweets or Sugar

You should avoid tea or sweets during this days. Don’t eat sweets or sugar biscuits also.

Sodium Foods

Avoid all sodium or salt foods in this days. If you are take just salt in your food then not only help your lose weight but also your body will be fit.

Change your foods

In this days you have to change your food. Don’t eat same food in 2 or 3 times in a day. Take more carbohydrate or protein food in break fast, take fiver food in launch and avoid high % of carbohydrate foods but you should take high % of fiver foods in dinner.

Food after workout

Most of peoples are eating so many foods after workout, but it not good for your health. Its depends how much time or what type of exercise you have done.

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How to Lose Weight in 1 Month
How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

Totally avoid oil food, junk food. You can eat milk, idli, dosa, poha, uthhapa etc.


How to Lose Weight in 1 Month
How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

You can eat rice, dal, roti, dahi, green vegetables, salad etc. You can eat chicken (desi), egg, fish in non veg foods. Dont eat papad or aachar.


Eat light food in dinner. 2 roti, sabji or dal can be good for your health. you can take 1 plate soop also.

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month
How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

If you follow these diet plan or workout process for one month then you weight will definitely lose in next month.

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